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Starting the season with BWC Meiringen

Former Worldcups
April 7, 2017
Being a competitor
April 24, 2017

The first Boulder World Cup in Meiringen, Switzerland, was a well organized event. Unfortunately it was clouded by the sudden desicion of the IFSC that the live streaming won't be free of charge anymore. That would not only be a problem for the organizers but also for the athletes and the sport itself. It was good to see that all the athletes expressed there concerns and disagreement, together. And the community was successful. A few days later, on the 12th of April the IFSC made an official statement to apologize and announce that live streaming will remain free of charge. :-)

We came to Meiringen with a bunch of young, highly motivated Austrian climbers. Only Katharina Saurwein could make it through the semi-finals into the finals. Although she was not in best shape (she felt a bit ill) she performed extraordinary well and climbed to the incredible second place.

Seen from the medical perspective it seems that nowadays knee injuries occur much more often. The reason might lie in the changing competition style - more volumes, more run and jump starts ... But in this competition I've also seen a sprained ancle - the most common injury within bouldering.

I am completely psyched for another season with the Austria Climbing Team and as I expected it was awesome to hang out with young and motivated people.

Knee treatment of Max Rudigier

Finger Check up (Flo Klingler)

On the way to the finals

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