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Former Worldcups

Starting the season with BWC Meiringen
April 10, 2017

Checking my archive of pictures I realized how much value and spice the experience with the Austria Climbing Team added to my life.

Since 2009 I am accompanying this great team which feels like a family to me. It's self-evident that every climber would give his best at the World Cups.
The same counts for me as their therapist.


LWC Puurs 2011

Chongqing at night

Sightseeing in Chongqing before the competition

Chongqing: Silence after the comp

Catching snakes instead
of trouts in Vail ;)

Motivated bouldering crew before
heading to the Mountain Games in Vail

I wish I had the lungs of coach Heiko (a minute later we enjoyed our downhill hell-ride;)

Downhill protection (Vail)

Selfie with Heiko Wilhelm and Udo Neumann (the Austrian and German Coach)

Team Austria extended - with Dave Graham and Adam Ondra

Checking on an old finger
injury of Dave Graham

Awesome crowd in Vail

A long time ago in Arco
with David Lama


Trainride in Mumbai (very crowded!!!)

Learning how to bargain
Mumbai Market

Mumbai Market

The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel at the Gate of India with our fine ladies ;)

Everything under control. Welcome to China!

Angy Eiter stretching her legs

A successful Jakob Schubert
in Huaiji China

Colour sergeants in China :)

Everybody in good mood at the training camp

Training camp Sheffield

Training camp Sheffield

Training camp (indoor) in Sheffield

Training hard ;)

Boulder World Cup Vienna 2011

Boulder World Cup Vail 2010

BWC Vail 2010 - Johanna Ernst

Lukas Ennemoser

Sabine Bacher

BWC Moscow 2011

Anna Stöhr - BWC Moscow 2011

BWC Eindhoven 2011
Barbara Bacher

BWC Eindhoven 2011

BWC Sheffield 2011
Kilian Fischhuber

BWC Sheffield 2011
Barbara Bacher

Angie Eiter

Rockmaster Arco 2011

Rockmaster Arco 2011
Mario Lechner

Rockmaster Arco 2010
Barbara Bacher

Rockmaster Arco 2011
Kathi Posch

Rockmaster Arco 2010
Jakob Schubert

BWC Rockmaster Arco 2011
Anna Stöhr

BWC München 2011

Lead World Cup Korea 2011 - Angy Eiter

Lead World Cup Korea 2011

Lead World Cup Korea 2011

Singing in the rain
LWC Korea 2011

LWC Korea 2011

LWC Korea 2011

LWC China 2011 - Angy Eiter

LWC China 2010

Training camp Fontainebleau 2011

Training camp Fontainebleau 2011

Training camp Spain 2011

Training camp Spain

Isolation zone in
Moscow 2010

Johanna Ernst after her
injury in Vail 2010

BWC Eindhoven 2011

LWC Chamonix 2010

LWC China 2011

My extraordinary fast career in China ;)

Pretty bad injured people and their psychological strain :-)

BWC Munich 2010 with Udo Neumann

Preparing for the WC in Vail 2010

Trainings program from Patxi Usobiaga

Warm up for coach and physio ;)

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